Daughters - Haiku

Bundle of pure pride

Pink purple ribbons galore

Sweet smell of delight

Our hearts fluttering

To watch them grow is divine

Until they leave home

Bumps scrapes bruises too

We tend to with tenderness

Always touch our souls

© 2012 Esmah

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Dardarji profile image

Dardarji 4 years ago from California, USA

Great job Esmah. Voted up! My little girls always have a soft spot in my heart, The Martina McBride vid goes perfectly . . .

Esmah profile image

Esmah 4 years ago from Haikuville Author

Thank you Dardarji! I adore my girls also. I can't imagine my life without them.

Poetic Fool 4 years ago

These are really good, Esmah! It's a nice departure from the purely nature oriented haikus that are so common. What better and more dear topic to write on than daughters. Well done!

Maggi4me profile image

Maggi4me 4 years ago from My mind's eye.

So very beautiful indeed.

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