Days are Numbered

Nature be Four, abreast the Fifth,

Upon the brow shall rest.

The Second time Fourteen displayed,

Spread across the chest.

The works they seem, to dredge and dream,

Eternally plays the Sixth.

In the darkness, Eighteen scales,

Through laugher, giggles screams and wails.

Eternal fire, of ice and skin,

With desecration life begins.

Joy! Oh joy oh joy Oh Time!

With pain and pleasure my soul entwine.

Four ever is never, the Two set Three.

Sailing stones across the sea.

Calm to mind and swift to heart,

With apples eaten the soul departs.

Now is then and Once it was,

Triple Eight Ninety Nine Six


They shall become, we as One,

Time is twisted, sand is spun.

As you are now, Once we were,

Flesh, Bone, Sinew, Fur.

If size of weight and strength is tone,

The greatest truth is the unknown.

Black, White, Grey, Brown.

What is this.

As you have found.

Thrice around the stake to rest,

Feather, Brier, Beast, Breast.

With blood and milk anoint the crest,

Adorn the humble king of less.

Ribbons, Banners, Beams of Light,

Turned to Shadow

Embraced, the Night.

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kaybear012 profile image

kaybear012 3 years ago from Chicago

I really enjoyed this! Love your writing style.

Frank Atanacio profile image

Frank Atanacio 3 years ago from Shelton

you have such a wonderful imagination voted awesome!!!

Stolas profile image

Stolas 3 years ago from Midwest Author

Thank you all for your kind words. This one may need some more work, but remains a poem very close to my heart. I may sculpt it better to reflect the last paragraph as that is the main theme and I feel some of the body may deviate from that a bit. we shall see.

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