De Zoysa Farm

I love this game
I love this game | Source

I love to play an online game on Facebook

It's called 'Farmville two'

It started small now improved a lot

I plant fruits or vegetables in a free plot.

Let's bake some pies :)
Let's bake some pies :) | Source

In a grove I can plant four trees

From fruits mostly I make animal feeds

Some I use on making recipies

Being a great cook is a total fantazy.

I'm still waiting for this one.
I'm still waiting for this one. | Source

Eggs from the hen house and prized chicken coop

For fertilizer,Fertilizer bin collects animal poop

Prized Sheep shack gives special wool

To make teddy bears and other stuff so cool.

Living a dream :)
Living a dream :) | Source

I still have to build my pigs' mushroom shed

Cheese from prized goats in goat shelter when fed

Different kinds of horses I'm supposed to tend

Always wanted to have a horse in my garden.

Earning gives you power
Earning gives you power | Source

Furnace gives extra power to bake pies and cake

Or to build fences or leather items can be made

In the workshop where I work hard

I appreciate the support from fellow farm hands.

I appreciate your support.
I appreciate your support. | Source

Water from four wells nourish my farm

I love the help from my neighbouring farms

I have come up to level twenty six

Thank you my friends for helping to achieve this :)

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billybuc profile image

billybuc 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

I got hooked on Farmville three years ago and had to give it up. I was spending far too many hours on it and no time left for writing. I can certainly understand your love of this game.

rdsparrowriter profile image

rdsparrowriter 3 years ago Author

It's a very addictive game. My mom and brother are scolding me for playing it like a small kid. It's kind of helps me to be creative and feel good :)

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 3 years ago from Wales

A wonderful read. Voted up,


rdsparrowriter profile image

rdsparrowriter 3 years ago Author

Thanks Eddy. I apprecite your visits to my hubs :) God bless you!

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