Hensley Lane

Hensley Lane

Dear Father are you going to accept your wayward daughter?

And daughter have you stopped to recognize all your Mother has given you? Beyond the trees a highway is calling giving a way to freedom, but it shows a tender heart full of grief.

I'm anguished here. Trapped in boredom. This known place isn't safe for me anymore. I imagine a dangerous unknown person walking up from behind me. No these lips would not scream. I would lift myself to him and find a gentle kiss.

Every noise is startling me. I'm sure there are things all around watching me from those trees.

Observing me. The itch I scratch entertains their lustful eyes. I know they want more of me. Well, I wonder why then won't they come out to play? Why won't they come out and really see me? The fallen leaves autumn brings won't wait for me to figure out my plans. How selfish they are.

Really I just want to know your beauty. I want a companion. Some company out here on Hensley Lane

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ralwus 6 years ago

Wonderful I would fix this honey, '. . .entertains they're lustful eyes.' [their] Lonely dark poesy here. nice. yes.

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Sunshiney31 6 years ago Author

Appreciate it

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