Dear Grandpa- I have my degree

Dear Grandpa

I love you very much

You mean the world to me

And wish that you could see

That I had Graduate

From college, you see?

I have my Degree

Like I promised you

I’m your first grandchild

Who graduated for you

Grandpa, do you see?

I wish you did indeed

Enjoy this moment with me

Yet I am too late

To show you my degree

You have gone a few minute

Before I get to the city

It’s only just a minute

Why can’t you just wait?

Please grandpa wake

Enjoy this day with me

We’ll have a cup of coffee

Or even green tea

We’ll eat our favorite sushi

Or just watch TV

Dear Grandpa

Please wake

You mean a lot to me

This day wouldn’t be the best day

If you aren’t with me

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chasemillis profile image

chasemillis 5 years ago

touching story, great poem

always exploring profile image

always exploring 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

Granpaws are special. Thank you.

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