Death And Honor By W.E.B. Griffin


In Death and Honor by W.E.B. Griffin, he begins his tale in 1943 where Argentina and Germany is filled with espionage of World War II. There is plenty of action and romance to gratify Griffin's many fans of his first four novels in the same series.

Set up with every type of sympathizer, military official and spy imaginable the book begins in Argentina were officially neutral in this war. Cletus Frade is the hero in this war, he is a Marine pilot with powerful family ties to Argentina and in this book he has his work cut out for him.

There are two interwoven German operatives that are of great concern to Frade. He has been asked to set up his own representative, nevertheless in fact an OSS airline in Argentina by Wild Bill Donovan, chief in the OSS. Outside the Fatherland, is a scheme run by the government for Jews in which they may 'purchase' their families freedom from the concentration camps. The second part of the plot deals with where the money gathered from these Jews is going. Operation Phoenix that is a safe-haven for Nazi officials in Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil is the plan for the money.

Frade needs to find out more about each of these two plans, without being killed in the process, for the OSS because they are very interested in what is going on with these "schemes."

W.E.B. Griffin weaves a tale of romance, espionage and action into his fifth installment entitled Death and Honor.


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