Death Omens

by Christine B.

Since ancient times people who have passed on have found ways of saying goodbye to their friends and/or loved ones. Here are few ways they have done it.

Typical Death Omens:

1) Knocks on the door (3) or hearing the doorbell ring when no one is there.

2) Seeing someone who has passed even though they were in a different location before their passing.

3) Getting a phone call where the person who answers hears only static on the other line.

4) Hearing dogs howl or the sound of banshees.

5) Clocks that stop at the exact moment someone passes.

6) Photos that fall off walls or shelves, especially if the photo is of the person who has passed.

7) Dreaming of a person and finding out they passed away at the same time you were dreaming of them.

8) Witnessing a large black dog (with glowing eyes).

9) The sight of a Grim Reaper

Typically, when a celebrity passes two more celebrities will also pass within a couple of weeks.

All superstition? Perhaps, but there have been too many instances of one or more of these events occurring at the passing of a family member or friend for it all to be a matter of “smoke and mirrors. . . . And speaking of mirrors,

10) If a mirror cracks while hanging on the wall for no apparent reason.

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