December 2004-Cataclysmic


December 2004....Cataclysmic


Scattered bones litter the ocean floor,

half buried beneath debris and murk

in depths far too deep for recovery.

Scraped from the face of the earth

by the Indochina tsunami,

a cataclysmic upheaval wreaked havoc in split seconds.

Many stared in awe far too long at the spectacle

a liquid fist of death curling inland,

than suddenly recognized their demise was at hand.

Running in fear one way, only to be sucked

into the maw, and vanish forevermore.

Whole villages relocated, marriages dissolved

and babies lost or orphaned times 150,000 and counting.

Somewhere beneath the deep aqua blue

lie many remains interred in unmarked watery graves.

Their bones restless in the current,

are shifting ever shifting.

Many empty eye sockets of skulls occasionally gape

upward as they roll, over  vast sandy bottoms.

Long bones tumble together in vast piles like pickup sticks,

while rib cages freed of their souls lie submerged

like the staves of ancient shipwrecks gathering barnacles

and settling deep into the status of missing, presumed dead.

Somewhere beyond the insanity of yet, the earth will belch again

and swallow the bitter taste of sorrow


once more without apologies to man.

Author notes

Cataclysmic: a momentous and violent event marked by overwhelming upheaval and demolition; broadly : an event that brings great changes

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