Dedicated to Freddie Mercury's 65th Birthday today "Who wants to live forever"

Who wants to live forever,

time passes like a breeze,

the dream unfolds endeavour,

more out of life you squeeze,

when your young, life seems eternal,

your never going to die,

but then when your paternal,

the years go swiftly by,

young faces no longer linger,

your hair becomes so thin,

now you point the finger,

asking where have you 'bin',

memories become a winding lane,

and stretch out far away,

nothing seems to stay the same,

things you forget to say,

sleep becomes a nightmare,

you try to catch your breath,

the reaper's standing right there,

as you taste a slice of death,

relatives go and squander,

their busy little lives,

in their thoughts your no fonder,

as they spit their petty lies,

like rats they squabble and plunder,

over all your bits and bobs,

before your dead their hunger,

reduces you to sobs,

but they forget that one day,

their life will be undone,

and 'regret' will be what they say,

last time they see the sun,

I don't expect no roses,

to be laid upon my breast,

not even runny noses,

or words of love and jest,

nobody was with me,

when I came into this place,

or say that I forgive thee,

alone in your disgrace.

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snakeslane profile image

snakeslane 5 years ago from Canada

This is heart rending!

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