Deep Down Popular by Phoebe Stone - Book Review

Deep Down Popular by Phoebe Stone

Sixth grade Jessie Lou Ferguson is the average tomboy. She enjoys running, sports and basically everything. Jessie Lou has had a crush on Conrad Parker Smith forever but, when she finally gets a chance to hang out with him but, can she do it?

Deep Down Popular by Phoebe Stone
Deep Down Popular by Phoebe Stone

What is Deep Down Popular About?

Conrad’s leg has been acting funny for a while now. When he comes to school with a leg brace he goes from the most deep down popular boy to least popular very quickly. Jessie Lou is asked by their teacher to carry his books home for him everyday after school. Jessie Lou doesn’t know if she can do it...

Why is Deep Down Popular So Good?

Deep Down Popular is an adorable book about a crush, their love, difficulties, struggles and the amazing outcome. Each page captivates the reader and makes them want to follow along in this adventure.

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Who is Deep Down Popular For?

This novel Deep down popular is surely for anyone, it shows how popularity and a sweet soul can be described in some people’s personality, and for some it just comes naturally. I recommend this novel for any preteens or teens.

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Comments 49 comments

Tessa 8 years ago

I loved it. what else can ya' say?

17Bree profile image

17Bree 8 years ago from Southern Ontario Author

So did I, glad to hear from you Tessa.

emily 8 years ago

this book is so good as i started to read it it reminded myself of me and one of my guy friends it is basicly the story of my life of being in 6th grade i hope everybody who reads deep down popular likes it as much as i do

17Bree profile image

17Bree 8 years ago from Southern Ontario Author

Ya, I it is an amazing novel. Thanks for the comment Emily.

bree101 8 years ago

yea I am in 6th grade its totally like wat I am going through

daniella 8 years ago

i love ur book it is very good.

17Bree profile image

17Bree 8 years ago from Southern Ontario Author

I love how deep down popular is more for the younger kids/teens. It really made me think and how I shouldn't let my teen years slip away.

nicklover00 8 years ago

I am reasding the book right now it is so good!!

Nilley 8 years ago

hey does this book get better i just started it and is really borring

please write back

nilly 8 years ago

this book is awesome i LOVE it!!

17Bree profile image

17Bree 8 years ago from Southern Ontario Author

Yeah, deep down popular might start out as not interesting to some people, but it gets better. (: you'll love it once you get into it. Trust me.

nilly  8 years ago

thx that's what my friends said too!!

nilly 8 years ago

i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo borred right know and nothing is on t.v. and i don't really feel like reading i cant just sit for 10 hours straight and read some of my friends can because they r absesed with there book like my friend mariah she read twilight in like 3 days!!! and my friend chloe got all the twilight series 4 christmas and she finished twilght in 3 hours then she finished the next book that night and she was finished all the books before christmas break was over!!!! lol :)

17Bree profile image

17Bree 8 years ago from Southern Ontario Author

Lol, I read twilight in 2 days, I'm working on a review for it too. It is pretty awesome, but it takes so long to read.

nilly 8 years ago

ya like i want to read the book but i don't like reading really long books and i cant find a copy of it, anyway ttyl

Tiana-Mariie 7 years ago

I finished the book just yesterday. I loved the book! It was amazing! I'm in gr.7 :) I think this book is going to be my ALL TIME favourite :) But the part that i loved was when Jessie Lou was sad about Conrad going into that operation, and then later he asked her to the dance :) I hope everyone who reads this book will enjoy :D

lili 7 years ago

i m reading it

profile image

*fairygurl* 7 years ago from California

does anyone no what the name of the elemenatry that jessie lou went to is?

nilley 7 years ago

i forget what the school that jessie lou goes to is called but i just finished this book I LOVED IT!!!!!! it is one of my all-time favs i love the part when conrad kisses her but i don't like how she like pushes him away i also like the part when he invites her to the dance and when quinten tells jessie lou that he has liked her since 3rd grade

Taylor 7 years ago

Totally this is exactaly what im going through and yea we totally hang outbut idk what to do and i totally need big time help

nilley 7 years ago


that stinks try and give hints that u want to be more then friends and stuff i've been through that too

nilley 7 years ago

that's how me and my bf met we were friends and both liked eathother but didn't know it lol now were dating!!!!

17Bree profile image

17Bree 7 years ago from Southern Ontario Author

Wow! That's gotta be awesome! I hope you two have a great relationship.Thanks for the comment.

Anzli Lloyd  7 years ago


Anzli Lloyd  7 years ago

Phoebe if you wouldn't mind please write back to me at my yahoo i'm I would like to descuse the book with you. i'm almost finished with it ♥

17Bree profile image

17Bree 7 years ago from Southern Ontario Author

Uh, I'm not Phoebe, My name is Bree. I am not the author of this book, and I don't know how to get a hold of Phoebe. Sorry. I only wrote the review, but thatnks for the comment either way.

little angel 7 years ago

this book is awsome,but it will take a while to read if ur a slow reader like all of my friends r

Arielle 7 years ago

This is an amazing book, that I can relate to very well.

Well-written, and an excellent plot.


soccerchic 7 years ago

i really want to read this book sounds so sweet

nilly 7 years ago

hey guys sorry i haven't written in soooo long but hey

volleyballplaya3 7 years ago

hey soccerchic u should definitly read this book it will be worth your time and even if you don't like reading u will like it trust me i hate reading but i love this book!!! lol and hey what else do u have to do!!!

gynasticgirl  7 years ago

Hi, i'm currently reading your book and i'm on page.65, i just started about 30min ago! I can't put it down. It's so good :) :D

veena 7 years ago


17Bree profile image

17Bree 7 years ago from Southern Ontario Author

Hahahaa, By the way,, just to remind you guys,, it's not MY book ! :)

Anyway,, thanks for the comments !

Enjoy Reading !

dyhjg 7 years ago

love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

emilyboo 7 years ago

this book is amazing ! i love it ! especially b\c i like this boi and his name is conrad ! ahh ! lol ! well i love ur bookz ! u needa write sum more !

stephanie 7 years ago

you guys are weird(:

volleyballplaya3 7 years ago

Hey so like have any of u read the book angels in pink: Holly's story, i like got it in the library at my school for a book report and it is amazing!!!!! i loved it soooooo much i just finished it like 5 minutes ago lol its soooooo sad i like started balling!!!!!

Danielle Beachy  6 years ago

I loved the Book!!!

summer 6 years ago

I want to Read it but still waiting on it reminds me of me when i was younger........:D

nicole 6 years ago

it was pretty good but it was really held back

Nikouu 6 years ago

I?this book! :)

HIEEE~~~ 6 years ago

This book was AMAZING!!! i just finished reading it for the 2nd time!!! i love how Conrad asked Jessie Lou to the dance.

rachel  6 years ago

This book was really good i loved it! i usually never reread books, but i liked this on so much i decided to read it again! i highly recommend it.

Halle 6 years ago

I have read this book 3 times and I have always felt the same away about it... It makes me inspired :)

Arlene 6 years ago

I loved this book so much! It had such a FANTASTIC ending! Jessie Lou and Conrad is meant to be together! YEA!

tiffany 5 years ago

i just read the romeo and juliet code by phoebe and i think its better even tho i didn't read this yet!!!!

annie 4 years ago

what happenes throught the story, please right back by tomarrow!

17Bree profile image

17Bree 4 years ago from Southern Ontario Author

In the Hub I wrote, there is a short summary. Though you should read the whole book :)

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