Defeat - G.Rose


Tears fall from the lonely eyes as they watch

their potential happiness fall from their hands.

False promises whispered in their ears,

Fake smiles cross the faces of people the arms hold away.

The mind flashes memories of torture

as the pain of betrayal strangles their heart.

As the imprints of scars of inflicted wounds

tremble from fear, the legs can move no more.

I fall to my knees as my body embraces defeat.

I have not felt the core of my motivation before this moment.

Forgetting. I tried to veil my pain with hope. Faith has betrayed me,

as my dreams have.

Tortured, teased with words of honor that held no honor.

Darkness falls upon my spirit like my tears to the ground.

Stomp on them, stomp on my faith.

Twist the knife in my back. Death, embrace me.

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