Deflowering My Life.

Deflowering my life!




I took a Dandelion home,
to love and cherish
but she promptly devoured
the Christian in me
I danced with another's
lovely tulips
between my own
but summer came too soon
and stole her vigor
I fell in love
with a Forget-me-not,
but she was not true blue
and did exactly the opposite
I gently plucked the
satin skin of a daisy
counting each days
joys and sorrows
until she grew empty
and loved me not
I loved my mum with all my heart
but mum's heart gave out
and now all I have is love
I drove a carnation
into the garage of my lapel
and then sadly attended the wedding
of a girl I once loved
it seems I spend a lot of time
deflowering my life
at least until they lay
a rose at all I have urned
within the ashes of
my garlands of endeavors

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