Destruction poetry by Ashley Pentycofe


I hold a picture of my life in my hands

Staring as if willing it to come to life

Slowly, movement happens

Right before my eyes it starts to disintegrate

I drop the photo onto the table

But it continues to turn to sand

Eroding away right before my eyes

Franticly I put my hand over my eyes

Willing what has happen to undo it’s self

My ears are attuned and I can hear each grain fall into place on the table

Suddenly just like it started it stopped

Slowly I uncover my eyes

On the table lie fragments of my life

I break down in tears of despair that flood the living room

My life washes away in front of my eyes

On the floor I lie curled up in a ball

Along and cold

Ashley Pentycofe 10-2-2012

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