Dew Drop: A Haiku

the dew drop knows not

when it drips into the sea

it was ever dew

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molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago

Yes. That is it. Voted up

Nicodemai 5 years ago

VERY, nicely written, Moonlightened. =)

Moon Lightened profile image

Moon Lightened 5 years ago from Delhi, India Author

Thank you to both of you for your generous comments. Much appreciated!

Shady Windwalker profile image

Shady Windwalker 4 years ago

nice Haiku Moon

nadeem 4 years ago

moon thats very great emotions like my best poet is it yours???

Moon Lightened profile image

Moon Lightened 4 years ago from Delhi, India Author

Shady, thank you for reading and compliment. Much appreciated.

nadeem, yes, this is my original work. Thank you.

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