This is a hub to give a preview of my new comic series Diamondback which starts publishing this July.  The series delves into a reality where there is no government, so there are no police, fire-fighters, or army for free, everything has been privatized.  It's a bizarre and over the top world populated by eco-terrorists, eccentric wealthy magnates, mobs unfettered by laws, and in the middle of it all a man just trying to make a living.

So What's the Story?

Diamondback is an adventurous glimpse at what might happen if the U.S. Government were to collapse under its own weight and left in its wake is nothing more than a loose confederation of cities where anarcho-capitalism has lashed out from theory to everyday reality. Education, military, fire departments, and the police, everything that government once provided, are now private companies scrambling to maximize their bottom line. Denver City is populated by the mega rich, who are free to indulge their every whim and fancy without any hesitation or cover-up. Mafioso’s, mobsters, and gangs can, for a fistful of dollars, buy a contract with a law enforcement firm and call themselves businessmen and their victims criminals. Radical environmentalists want to reduce humanity back to the Stone Age, psychopaths work hard to get some attention while the media focuses on the story with the best paycheck, the destitute try to stay ahead of slave-traders, and teenagers take juvenile pranks to astonishing heights. Through the insanity, suffering, and the sometimes comically bizarre, we follow “Diamondback” Jack Cody, a man who escaped hard labor in prison by agreeing to become and agent for Carroll-Dodgeson Securities.

Agents are more than just the special forces of the legal insurance industry, they’re mascots, the image of the company, and are turned loose on the job with far more than a license to kill. Jack swallows his own revulsion for the job, it had been an agent who had a hand in sending Jack to prison for killing his own wife because the hit-men responsible for the job had an excellent policy with the firm. While Jack tries desperately to find a way to live with his newfound position it is his partner Darrell that never falters in following his own moral compass. It is Darrell that never quits fighting to save Jack from the corruption and violence that surrounds them every day.

Visually and literarily blurring between gothic noir, urban western, steam punk, and abstract theater, Diamondback creates a collage of extremes. From the naiveté of Lily, an idealistic and passionate young woman who finds herself growing infatuated with Jack, to the homicidal mania of television producers determined to show an audience something they’ve never seen before, or even the sheer oddity of commandos dressed up as superheroes for a publicity stunt, the series takes advantage of fanatical elements to give readers unique and vacillating stories to make them think, to give them an emotional rollercoaster ride, but mostly to entertain.

What's the Point?

I'm no genius, that's not a secret, so please don't think that this a comic book trying to solve the world's problems or warn you about the great evils of this or that belief system. Extremes scare me, and we've all read a dozen books and seen a hundred movies on what happens when government takes over and becomes totalitarian, I just wasn't interested in doing that again. So my only thought here was to go in the extreme other direction. In the end though I wanted a fun setting to play and tell different kinds of stories, I'm not writing a political textbook, I'm writing adventure and fun with some fun topics of discussion thrown in. I may not be smart enough to answer all the questions, but hopefully I can ask a few and some of the people reading this are smart enough to answer them for me.

Want to Know More?

Have I managed to entice you even a little bit? you can head over to our website to find out a lot more about the comic, read a preview, and get to know about those of us who have been working on this for a long time. If you want a little more fun than that though we did a fake site for the Carroll-Dodgson Company (by the way bonus points for anyone who actually gets the joke in the company's name).

On a Some-What Related Note

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