Dirty Boys.

Dirty Boys !

In the year 2007....

Dirty boys laid out

in neat rows
no bath this time
just a bag zip locked tight
and then home to mom
with their leftovers
neatly packaged
for her and pop

to dispose of.

Dirty boys
with bloodstained clothes
and missing fingers and toes
and flags draped over
the aluminum boxes
stacked like the odds
that were against them.

Dirty boys
who used to think
the war would

never touch them
but now are left here
laid out and covered
in its raw filth,
eyes wide open to
the fact that some

contracts don't

award millions
of dollars in contracts
with fine cars and girls
and a game or

practice to attend.

Some contracts get you

a bullet or shrapnel
and a face full of dirt
or sand, or horror,
as you die at nineteen
thousands of

miles from home
never knowing

the joy of adulthood
babies, regular sex
and time to think

of anything
but "Will I die tonight?

Dirty boys
cleaned up and

buried in more dirt
hallowed ground
they call it but ....

it still holds boys

in dirt.....soiled by death
forever more.


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