Do It

You keep telling yourself that you will do it

For the past years of your life and it waits undone

You say that you will get up and go, but you still sit.


Get up and go, do the undone

Quit lyin’ to yourself and work,

Don’t make your quest a pun.


You have what it takes to do the work

All you have to decide is when

So get up and be active, go and do. Do not shirk.

You keep telling yourself; when?

The time to decide is over, it is time to act!

Do it now and you will score a ten out of ten.

© 2009 RichardBBenson

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RichardBBenson profile image

RichardBBenson 7 years ago Author

I wrote this poem to get me to act on the things I know I should've been doing and also to help others when they need a little nudge to help them get back up after they fall.

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