Do you know a Gypsy?

Tall he stands and proud as well.

This man who walks t’ween heaven and hell.

His journey long and fraught with pain.

Often accused of ill gotten gain.

A man connected to his clan.

Walks forth he bareheaded as he can.

He treads the land he calls his own.

Where others they have seeds then sown.

Ground underfoot and sky above.

Thus does the gypsy then know love.

For love of nature ever true.

Separate this man from you.

Not for him the townies roof.

He is of nature, living proof.

Tall he stands and proud as well.

And oft of answers he does tell.

For back he traces this his clan.

Back then until advent of man.

Tall he stands and proud of face.

Prime example of his gypsy race.

So listen well then if he does talk.

On paths many has he walked.

His journey long and oft fraught with pain.

To hear him you have much to gain.

So listen well then if you can.

To this man connected to his clan.


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