Doors of San Francisco

some of the doors in San Francisco

Arched door
Arched door
Iron grill door
Iron grill door
hidden door
hidden door

Doors of San Francisco

By A.Gagliard

Side-walk perched doors

With stone arch and iron grill

Whisper their unassuming attitude.

These troll-doors fade into vague

What revelation awaits within?

Wall-hugging doors

With concrete and paint

Shrink anonymously from view.

These hidden, miniature doors look unavailable.

Which key opens their measured story?

Shrunk, step-down doors

With wood and dimly colored glass

Suggest an indistinguishable mystery within.

These humble closets fade from perception.

And . . . should I knock; who might answer?

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agaglia profile image

agaglia 6 years ago Author

I found these hidden doorways in San Fransisco fascinating. There is the hint of possibilities.

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