Do you Remember ?

I Remember.....

 I remember when you used to make me laugh,

I remember when you used to make me feel like there

was no one else in the world but me....and you..

I remember when I couldn't wait to see couldn't

wait to be with you....

I remember when the thought of having you near me made my

skin wake up, my heart pump faster, and my heart would silently

shout your name

I remember when your kiss would transport me a million miles away

it would take me to a place where i wish i would have stayed

I remember when my purpose was to please you....and only you...

you always came first....before myself...

I remember when you were my world

I remember when you completed me, my soul,

I remember when I thought if you didn't exist.......neither could I

I remember when I loved you.....

Do you?

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Sarah Writes profile image

Sarah Writes 6 years ago from California

I loved the entire piece but the ending “I remembered when I loved you do you?” really hit home. Beautiful ,thanks for sharing.

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