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One of the ways on how a writer comes up with sequences or even ideas is through their dreams. In Psychology, they say that people dream every night. The reason why you cannot remember your previous dream is because there are two types of dreams such as the dreams that you can remember and the dreams that you cannot remember after waking up. But through the use of equipment called Electroencephalogram also known as EEG, it shows that the brain is still active and is working even when you are asleep. By knowing this fact, you can take advantage of your dreams as your ideas or drafts in your writing. Here are some ways on how you can use your dreams in your writing.

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Courtesy of Google | Source

Tape your dreams

Have a tape recorder handy with you before you sleep. This allows you to record what you have dreamed of. Gather all your thoughts and try to get ideas through your recordings. If you have the latest gadgets around, you can also record your dream while you sleep. This perfectly works if you cannot remember your dream most of the time. There are some people who talk a lot when they are dreaming and we usually call them sleep talkers and if you are one, this is a good way to get ideas from your unconscious mind and use it to your writing.

Courtesy of Google
Courtesy of Google | Source

Scenarios from your dreams

In the event that you can remember your dream, list it down using your notebook or record it in your tape recorder the same way as you can remember it. Use this gathered information to set up a plot or a sequence in one of your novels or stories. A good example of this is if you have a bad dream, you can use this to create a fictional suspense or horror story. Romantic dreams can also be a good theme in creating your love stories or novels. Action will also be a good theme especially if you are in a fight scene with another person, you can even dictate your dream in slow motion to be more detailed in your dream.

Courtesy of Google
Courtesy of Google | Source

Scenes and places from your dreams

Most of the time in our dreams, we travel in different places that we are not even familiar with. Use the places in your dreams as good settings for your story. Make sure that every detail is included and try to describe the place by using specific words that matches your scenery. Describing places is easy as cake for a writer since we use words such as location and position of such items or objects.


Now that you know that your dreams can be used in your writing, maximize the use of your dreams to improve on your work. This is just one of the ways on how writers come up with their written work of art and this is original and legit. This is also a good way to communicate with your inner wisdom and guidance.

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