Searching for Love; When it's Right in Your Face

Dream within the dream

Pay attention,

Drop Everything!

It is me! I am here,


We are Here

To save You from the flood.

Oh, but Wait.

We are sinking right Along With You.


Never mind…

The beauty Of the place is everywhere.

Just Now he smiled At Me…

War, peace,

Can’t get one without The other,

Or So they Say…

Whenever I close my eyes I See you…

There have not Been words

Invented To describe

Your Beauty, Majesty, And power.

Oh wait! Yes, there has.....

The word...LOVE…

Longing, illusive,

Solidly Waiting.


The dream With in

The dream.

We call This Life…

Never speak About

The Free bird.

Lest She fly Away…

© 2011 Helen Kramer

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