Dreamers’ Dance (poem)

What dances pass a dream at night

That makes her cast a smile so bright

That all at once my heart’s aglow

To show it shares in her delight


What tempest’s tempo moves her so

That stardust silhouettes her flow

That draws me in a fantasy

To be a part of all we know


And through her eyes the world I see

Of children prancing round a tree

That shades the carefree kiss of youth

Which toothless wonders long envy


Here serenaders seize a booth

Pretending not to be uncouth

As they prepare another song

Along the path to lovers’ truth


The pulse of passion does prolong

Cascades of kisses growing strong

Under a moon whose blushes hide

The tide beside where we belong


As our two worlds meet to collide

Awake asleep all cares aside

A torrid tango needs an end

To send us where the angels hide


We’re free from pretense to pretend

That by desire we shall ascend

To paradise not far away

Astray from pleasure we extend


What dance passed by a dream this way

That only lips through kisses say

By tree that’s slipping into sight

Excited at two lovers’ play

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Faith Reaper profile image

Faith Reaper 19 months ago from southern USA

Oh, Mh, you have outdone yourself here with such a beautiful masterpiece as this! I really enjoyed reading here this evening.

Up ++++ and away

God bless you

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