Dreaming Of You (part one)

Dreaming of You

Dreaming Of You

Waiting for your phone call

I'm feeling like a fool

I'm burning up, burning up

with a fever only you can cool.

I'm only just a dreamer

It's the little things you do

nothing makes me happier

than a loving squeeze from you.

I think of our close held nights

put your head upon my chest

Hold me tight, treat me right

close your eyes, i'll do the rest.

I'm dreaming of your tender touch

but i feel so alone and blue

keep thinking of your sweet caress

dreaming--It's all that I can do.

I hope you never go to leave

my happy hours are so few

I know my plans will never come

I dream, what else can I do.

What we have is something special

more than just a love affair

my feelings,my love my hunger for you

is something you can't find everywhere

I've never said I love you

but my feelings I just can't hide

you'll always be such a big part of me

that feeling will always abide..

VLH 1986

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