Dreaming of a "Til Death Do Us Part"


When I see you, my heart skips a beat.

In your arms I feel safe.

All I ever wanted was your unconditional love... your attention... and your affection.

I just wanted you... inside and out... the good and the bad.

Without you, I was lost.

You were my other half.

The person who made me whole.

You're all I ever needed.

You're the only one I wanted.

As we made love this morning, I sensed a softer and more tender man.

Someone who seemed very attentive to my needs.

This is a side to you I love.

Yet at the same time, you were also the dominant one.

The dominant man I also love.

I don't think you ever realized the true depth of my love.

I would do anything to make you happy.

When we split up, a part of me died inside.

I wanted to die, too.

I forced myself to go on without you.

Here we are once again, together yet not.

Hoping upon hope for together until death do us part.

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