Dreams With a "Touch of Love"

She is the most precious thing alive,
With nothing left here to hide,
I admire her presence with me,
Her beautiful face,
Her cute little laugh,
I want to know more when she speaks,

Only in my dreams,
Will she come speak to me,
But of course she likes me,
For me,

With her,
I'd be the most gentle person,
Even when she is down,
Through the good and the bad,
I would live with her now,
Until the end of time,

I'm that penguin,
Looking for my pebble,
Right by the sandiest beach,
Searching for Love,
As it searches for me,
But I'm so lost in her beauty,

She is lost with another,
But I can wait forever,
Oh I hope her divine eyes can see,
She smells just like an angel,
With Love in her smile,
No hate,
Unless you want it to be,

Not so long do they last,
My dreams in my head,
That connect to my heart,soul,and mind,
If one chance is what it took,
Then I'd be there with the urge,
To explain to her what I see..... in "reality"...

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gabbywazhere 6 years ago

hey this is really good

RichLove 6 years ago

hey thanks gabbywazhere

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