Drops of Rain

It dropped...I felt it drop from the sky above...cloudy day as it was...reading a paper of Freudian concepts,
Oh what a wonder....it dropped again...I felt it for sure this time...rain rain I know your coming,
The billowing smoke of a cloud...your tearing up I see...another war in the world for you to see...I'm sorry,
I've tried to write for you...so that you may not cry for the world as a whole...humanity has done you wrong once again.

I felt it...your two drips strong now at a moments notice..drip drop...your splash like a song in the air around me,
The return of your beautiful cloud formations that mark the existence of your nature bound realities,
Drip drop again you speak to me..oh what a wonderful sound you make as the stress of life rolls off of me,
Lights gleaming from lamp posts as I walk the cobblestone path...your drips making click...clack...against metal from gutters above you ring off.

Oh wait...five or six more at a time...my shirt is getting wet...maybe it's time to find a sheltered home to move from your increased water fall,
To be wet or to be dry...this question I must ask in a hurry...the no time situation of life making it's mark on my thoughts,
I'll just stay here in the rain...the feeling of the air around me and that smell...crisp...fresh...oxygen rich representations,
You always seem to make worries just fall away as your drops slip past me...dripping and dropping all around my feet and arms.

Pouring down you are now...no point in going indoors now...rain soaking my clothes...I can squeeze my shirt and like a waterfall it falls,
Oh rain how I need you..no worries whatsoever and that feeling...freedom from human sheltering...nothing compares to your cleansing,
As if your drops of multitudes come crashing down...people running in all directions for shelter,
I won't however...that worry free rainfall you commit on your species of the planet...I understand and I enjoy the moment you have given me.

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Victoria Lynn profile image

Victoria Lynn 5 years ago from Arkansas, USA

Rain can really give that fresh feeling, especially after weeks without it! I loved how you basked in it and enjoyed the moment while others ran for shelter. What a nice feeling to this poem! Refreshing!

BakerRambles profile image

BakerRambles 5 years ago from Baltimore, MD Author

Thank you, that was the intended response and I'm glad you were able to pull that feeling above everything else.

profile image

Sueswan 5 years ago

Hi BakerRambles


I love walking in the rain.

Enjoy your day.

BakerRambles profile image

BakerRambles 5 years ago from Baltimore, MD Author

Thank you, yes rain is the doorway to human emotion

Mamadrama profile image

Mamadrama 5 years ago from Upstate NY

I LOVE the rain. Every time it rains down on me, in some way I feel that it is washing away the burdens of the day. Great hub.. Great subject.. Great detail

BakerRambles profile image

BakerRambles 5 years ago from Baltimore, MD Author

Thank you for the compliment, yea rain is a very simple solution to the burdens associated with daily life.

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