Drug of Choice

Meth | Source

I was a young man with a welding talent and mechanic skills.

That's when my "drug of choice" became alcohol and prescription pills.

For years I struggled with addiction and tried to stay clean.

When I thought it was getting better,

I hit an obstacle I hadn't seen.

I started losing lots of weight and was beginning to look like death.

That's when my "drug of choice" had become large amounts of meth.

No matter your drug of choice the "high" always seems so great.

Until you wake up one morning and realize you now have become property of the state.

All of your so called friends are gone.

You find they really didn't care.

When you try to contact people that really mattered,

they're no longer there.

Always thinking of the life that you had,

and the way things used to be.

Back when you had a beautiful wife,

and you had started a family.

They say your kids are growing fast,

but it's really hard to tell.

Since you only get to see them through the pictures in your cell.

Regrets and remorse burns inside of you like a blazing forest fire.

But who do you tell, society doesn't know since you're inside these walls surrounded by miles of razor wire.

There is more to these words then just my thoughts or my opinion.

I want people to know their "drug of choice" will cost them time in prison.


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