Dust And Cobwebs.

Dust and Cobwebs.
My dust it creeps 
and seldom sleeps 
in downy heaps 
my cobwebs drape 
their gossamer capes 
on corner scapes 
these cluttered rooms 
all keepsake tombs 
are spider looms 
unseen these blights 
form every night 
they feed dust mites 
>O:    >0:  >o:  >O: 
they forge 
in hungry packs 
as one they gorge 
my house 
a well-known 
:O<  :O<  :o<  :O< 
I guess I should 
be grateful that 
my unkempt waste 
helps keep them fat 
Thank God 
their not bulimic 
>`S P L A T !!~< 
  ^  ^  ^  ^ 
to solve this plague 
soon I must Pledge 
to let my 
featherduster wedge 
it's quilling strokes 
cross every ledge 
then let it wing 
high up in space 
to briefly nest 
in every place 
that cobwebs dare 
to show thier face 
all dressed in lace 
But at this time 
I just don't care 
and so I find 
I sit and stare 
at dust and cobwebs 

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