Dwell On Life-poem

Dwell (: On Life:)

Don't dwell on it-what your not

dwell on who you can be

If you listen to your heart

you can set your mind free

Who's right? who's wrong?

does anyone really care?

Who can say you don't belong

anyplace or anywhere?

Don't dwell on it-trust me

its not worth the time you waste

Your life is what you make it

slow down, it's NOT a race.

Don't dwell on it-unless it's positive

Dwell only on the joy

you will see the life you live

will be one you can enjoy.

Do dwell on it-happiness

and all the things you wish

dwell on it and live it

know you can accomplish.

Do dwell on it- money

and know you can receive

all you ever wanted

from the moment you believe.

Do dwell on it- pleasure

you can have this to

if you trust in yourself

believe in what you do.

Do dwell on it-love

hold it in your heart

dwell on it and live it

have faith in god above.

VLH 01/05/2010

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