E -Piphs Of Me.

E-piphs Of me.

My soul is a dandelion puff set to fly
just blow me a kiss and then watch me sail by,
the seeds of my thoughts have grown heavy with need,
to sail in the winds and plant bright yellow weeds,
that others might spurn and remove from their heart,
but they just might recall what my musings impart.

My heart has become just a cobwebbed filled chamber
it's the emptiness left there that holds the most danger,
there is room for so much more....
more friends and more joy,

it's time that I swept it,

a broom i'll employ,
to make it all cozy for those visits to come,
and die with a heart full of love when i'm done.

My shadow is that last partner held in a dance,
still dogging me daily with long lost romance,
It mimes every move that I make oh, so close,
my shadows the partner I've always loved most,
it never will leave me except when it showers,
but then it's right back beside me in the next sunny hour.

"True love is a shadow, always standing near or behind you
and false love only darkens your brightest space."

Our creative thoughts are but pebbles

thrown by the gods across our brainwaves
with hopes that they will ripple outwards to all men,
or skip many times with joy from our lips
as we eagerly share what the gods bestow.

I was not famous, nor rich,
I did not contribute

great discoveries
to the world at large,
I grew up poor and only reached
the middle...of life's ladder.
I have loved and lost,
and I have found lost loves,
but i have never been lost
when I was in love
I have laughed and cried,
and i have known apathy
but why should I bother
to tell you about that.

I am but a speck of dust
in the vast halls of time,
and so I write.....
I am graffiti on the
walls of your minds,
temporarily bright
but soon enough erased,
much like my life.....
as age turns each page...
and so I write.


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always exploring profile image

always exploring 3 years ago from Southern Illinois

Beautiful..I love your poetry..

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