EDucation (poem)

F r u s t r a t ED

Angered by a life that was not what was planned.
Planning for a life that shouldn't have spanned.
The time in this world so wasted and tame.
Searching the distance for that flickering flame.

H u m i l i a t ED

Ashamed at the world and all it’s become.
Saddened by the hate and anger that overrun.
The end is at hand you all should repent.
Beg for forgiveness for all you represent.

I n f l a t ED

My ego grows large as I watch in sheer awe.
As your ignorance and stupidity are your minuscule flaws.
Like sheep in the chute you follow in turn.
True lessons of life too late you will learn

D e s e c r a t ED

This world and all that it meant.
Filled it with skyscrapers, covered it with cement.
Defiled it with motors and demolished it for paper.
The atmosphere this moment is turning to vapor.

S e d a t ED

With medicines to stop feeling what’s real.
Drugged up and doped so you don’t have to feel.
Dope up your kids so they act very sane.
Sleepwalk through life, just to avoid a little pain.

U n d e r r a t ED

The god to which you entrusted.
Knowing he looks down completely disgusted.
Underestimated this planet and all of her rage.
She inevitably will cast you off and begin a new age.

I n u n d a t ED

With desperate prayers your god will be.
But he surely won’t be hearing any from me.
A deaf ear he will cast as you burn and you drown.
Not a tear he will shed, or even a frown.

E l a t ED

To watch as this world starts to crumble.
Your money means nothing; even the rich shall be humble.
And too late you will see the only lesson to learn.
That from the ashes we are brought, and to the ashes . .

. . . we must return

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