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Come to my worlds~

Of electronic menageries~

Where I do what ever I wish to do~

In globes full of animals old and new.

There are exhibits there~

Diverse in many ways~

Enclosed or loose~

They are for your eyes on display.

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Music plays as animals sound~

As I do things that make me happy and gay~

Moving things around~

Keeping them at bay or in hay!

There are areas where you see~

Exotic finds~

Or others you could in vision~

In Farm Yard days of olden times.

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Where ever my farmyard hand goes~

We collect the feed~

As well I am blessed to have a pup~

That actually follows me!

Neighbors do come to visit~

Once in a while~

I visit them when I can~

Manage all my style.

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Gifts are sent~

And received~

Helping hands are always~

Giving and free!

There is a winter wonderland~

As well as many other far off lands~

Crops are grown~

A day in this world is like a season spanned~

We can harvest in all the same day~

I can make snow whenever I please~

Even in May!

We can swim in a pond or ocean~

If we choose to be bound~

There are balloon rides~

As well as waves that wash you a shore~

To a secret vacation hide away~

Who could ask for more!

There are buildings to build~

Tractors to ride~

Even ways the animals at~

Halloween can hide.

Holidays are always celebrated~

As well points to earn~

Coconuts to buy items with~

And even a volcano that burns!

Many games are on hand~

To spend your day~

We can just click a button~

And we are on our way!

There are so many effects there~

A multitude of new stuff always coming~

To try and list them all wouldn’t be fair~

Let’s start neighbor and keep it running!

Come to my worlds~

Of electronic menageries~

Where I do what ever I wish to do~

In globes full of animals old and new.


Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv



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Irob profile image

Irob 4 years ago from St. Charles

fun poem and portrays the menagerie vividly

Lisa Luv profile image

Lisa Luv 4 years ago from Conneticut, USA Author

It was fun to write also ! Thank You Irob!

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