Echo of The Duck


Chess game, bluffed,

sacredly geometric, this ones rough,

tough to make it all add up Mcgruff,

but thirteen can bee seen if you are keen to look hard enough...


it's a must,

bet it all, or bust,

no reason to hold, it's all gold dust,

blown away like surf spray eating away at decayed shipwreck's, turned into rust,

never mind the rest, it's nothing but fluff,

sloughing breakers huff, ocean's... Shush,

ice know slush,



slush no ice,

shush ...Ocean's huff, breaker's sloughing,

fluff, but nothing it's rest, the mind never,

rust into turned shipwreck's, decayed at away eating spray, surf like away, blown,

dust gold all it's hold to, reason no,

bust, or all it bet,

must a it's,


...Enough, hard look to keen are you if seen bee, can thirteen, but,

Mcgruff up, add all it make too tough,

rough ones, this geometric sacredly,

bluffed, game... Chess,


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jhamann profile image

jhamann 2 years ago from Reno NV

Always making me smile, thanks man. Jamie

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