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The G-Free Diet by Elizabeth Hasselbeck
The G-Free Diet by Elizabeth Hasselbeck

About Elizabeth Hasselbeck's New Book The G Free Diet

I was watching The View today and Elizabeth Hasselbeck was talking about her new book The G-Free Diet and how she found out that she had celiac disease but didn't know until after she went on Survivor in Australia. Because the foods that she was eating on Survivor were basically gluten-free, she was feeling the best she as felt in years and finally not long after was diagnosed with the disease.

It particularly struck me because some of the symptoms she was describing: bloating, stomach cramps, depression, lack of energy, are what I deal with on a regular basis.

However it was one thing that she said that struck a chord. Gluten was preventing her falling pregnant. Once she switched to a gluten free diet she was able to conceive. Infertility is something that I too suffer from even though the doctor's are unable to find a medical reason for why I can't fall pregnant.

I have absolutely no idea if changing to a gluten free diet will help me or not, but the fact that nearly 15% of the population has some form of gluten intolerance or sensitivity and don't realise it is something I find rather shocking.

So I've purchased the G-Free Diet by Elizabeth Hasselbeck and I'm going to try it for a month and see how I feel. I figure that at the very least it should be a healthy diet which I'm really looking forward to seeing how it goes.

I'll keep you posted.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck's Gluten Free Diet

The G-Free Diet by Elizabeth Hasselbeck Review

Well I've now been G-Free for one week and I have to say that I feel fantastic!

In fact I started feeling good only one day after I started eliminating gluten from my diet.  I no longer have stomach pains or feel tired and lethargic after dinner like I always used to do.  And my stomach looks much flatter than normal (no bloating - yippee).

I have no idea if I'm truly celiac or not or if I have a gluten senstitivity or what is going on, but I can say that I've been feeling wonderful and healthy - and I'm loving it!

I'm not pregnant yet (it's a little too soon to tell yet - LOL) but I did start to go g-free around the time I ovulated, so I'll let you know next week if it has made any difference or not.

Another symptom I've always had but now seems to have gone is my lower back pain.  No idea why that is.  Perhaps it was because I was always bloated and gassy before and that was pressing on my spine?  All I know that it seems to be gone and that's worth skipping bread in my opinion.

I'm still trying to find a tasty gluten free bread (most I've tasted are awful) and will also let you know if I discover a good recipe.

Overall I'm thrilled that I discovered Elizabeth Hasselbeck's The G Free Diet book. It's worth trying out just to see how it makes you feel.

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Brittany Sanchez 6 years ago

I am trying the same thing! Can you e-mail me and let me know how is it going? Did you stick with it? Did you ever get pregnant? Did you have irregular cycles or PCOS or anything before this happened? Have you ever become officially diagnosed? Did you find a good brand of GF bread? haha sorry for so many questions :P and TY!

- bj_osterhout@yahoo.com

traceye profile image

traceye 6 years ago from Australia Author

Hi Brittany,

Yes I did get pregnant, I now have a 4 month old baby girl. I think the GF diet helped (although it was hard to stick to!) but ultimately I think it was a combination of clomid (fertility drug) and lots of fish oil for omega 3 (I've heard that fish oil is very good for fertility). Hope that helps!


Laura 5 years ago

I worked in a Bakery for 8 years. I ate cake, bread, cookies etc. every day! In the fall of 2009 I developed a food bourne bacteria called "H-Pylori". My stomach & gastro system changed forever. Several months went by & was tested for "H-Pylori", came out negative. Had an endoscopy & 2 blood tests that proved positive for Celiac Disease! I ate pizza just about every day! I really think that the "H-Pylori" germ had alot to due with this condition. Not enough research is being done on Celiac Disease in my opinion. Until you are diagnosed with this "curse", you have no idea how your life turns totally upside down!

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