Eloquent and Hateful

Dark from Tony DeLorger
Dark from Tony DeLorger
Light Emerges from Tony DeLorger
Light Emerges from Tony DeLorger
Oh from propagandaIDMI, flickr.com
Oh from propagandaIDMI, flickr.com
Caves from Tony DeLorger
Caves from Tony DeLorger

Eloquent and Hateful

By Tony DeLorger © 2014

Eloquent dark figures dance upon a grave,

their joy so jolting, pleasure in death and decay,

how can beauty of form exist within evil,

I am lost at life's satire, a paradigm upheaval.

Below a soul stirs, a body trounced and disturbed,

awoken in earth festering, the brunt of dark mirth,

and with each dainty step as the dancing ensues,

the poor devil beneath is both angered, bemused.

But what can he do, his flesh falling from bone,

dug deep in the earth, his soul left in flight, his body alone,

and darkness still mocks this life now passed living,

with he helpless and buried, no lessons he's giving.

I wondered what purpose this tryst had on life,

disrespecting the remnants of past tribulations and strife,

what possible reverence could these dark figures embrace,

and enact beauteous deeds while in heart thrive on hate.

By sun-up these figure had long gone to bed,

and the grave desolate and empty of life, not even a thread,

and to what I attribute to such joy in death,

can only arise more questions in stead.

I can only surmise that life carries all ends,

the joy and the pain all the messages sent,

in beauty there's darkness, and in light there is hate,

and choices are all that a soul can in life make.

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