Embers and Sunset: Poems of Love Gone

Will the Fire of Love Die?

Embers | Source

Embers: A Poem


They glow in my heart

Fanned into fire by memories of you.


Your eyes meeting mine, seeing my soul,

Your hands catching mine, caressing, loving.

Your arms, holding me, warming me to my heart,

Your voice speaking your hopes, your fears, your desire, your longing.

Your lips telling mine the yearning of your heart,

That our hearts might yearn together.

Embers -- are they dying fire?

Or fire waiting to blaze anew

To burn more brilliantly than ever,


The glow of embers warms my heart

As I wait for the answer.


Sunset | Source

Love's Sunset

Has the sun set on our love?

Was it never meant to be?

Did our hearts deceive us?

Did love just flee?

Or was leaving really loving

Since truth held out no hope

Of fulfillment ever coming?

No way could we elope.

We had to face reality

That had no place for you and me

Together. So we pried ourselves away,

No longer to dismay or betray

Those who loved us.

Now time has healed our hearts,

And God has healed our souls.

All has been forgiven us.

Lust is now dead coals.


Rocks in the Salinas River Bed
Rocks in the Salinas River Bed | Source

Marriage on the Rocks

It's really easy for a marriage today to go on the rocks. Sometimes partners are both working in different companies and have little time to nurture their love at home. If they have children, often when home they pay more attention to the children than to each other. If they have no children, they may not be as settled and committed to their marriage.

When people go to work, they often dress more attractively than they do at home, and they may also be on their best behavior. After all, at work you have to get along with others. And if you have a rough day, and the boss has been on your case, you may come home in an awful mood and vent it on your family. Or you may be hoping to vent your feelings to your spouse and instead of a sympathetic ear get a lecture. It may be a man's secretary or female coworker will be more understanding than his wife, and more willing to listen. In any case, he may spend more time with her than with his wife anyway. And if she's also good looking, and attractively dressed, the two may be setting themselves up for an unintended affair if they keep talking. Somehow that world at work doesn't seem very connected to the world at home, and it's easy to lead a double life.

So what happens when married people find themselves tempted to stray? Some who have no scruples don't worry about pursuing the relationship. Some who do, try to resist the attraction by pulling away and offering no reason for it. Some will discuss their relationship and determine that they are too tempted to stray and decide mutually to stay away from each other. Some, unfortunately, do not make that decision in time and give in to temptation.

These poems deal with this last situation. "Embers" comes from a heart that still wonders where a relationship might lead, a heart that may be facing temptation, and wondering if the decided separation will be final. It can also apply to anyone who has had a broken relationship, whether in dating, living together, or marriage, who wonders if the relationship will be restored.

"Sunset" comes from a heart that has regrets when love has gone wrong and marriages need to be repaired. Can love grow again after a rocky relationship where there has been betrayal? I believe it can if hearts are willing to try to understand and forgive and learn from the experience how to protect the marriage. A strong marriage where a couple nurtures their love is the greatest protection from an affair. Temptations come most often when someone is unhappy.

Love Can Return

Love can grow back if hearts are willing to forgive.
Love can grow back if hearts are willing to forgive. | Source

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Lynn S. Murphy 4 years ago

Beautifully done and poignant. Its very real life and that there is hope.

WannaB Writer profile image

WannaB Writer 4 years ago from Templeton, CA Author

Thank you Lynn. There is always hope where there is faith and a willingness to love if given the grace to do so.

PenMePretty 4 years ago from Franklin

You are such an awesome writer. This is just great. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. :-)

WannaB Writer profile image

WannaB Writer 4 years ago from Templeton, CA Author

Thank you for your kind comment. I enjoyed your work, too.

icountthetimes 4 years ago

Such beauty. You have such a way with words. I really like the format too, where you have the poems followed by an explanation of what they mean to you. I know people place their own meaning upon poetry, lyrics and the like, but it really is refreshing to be told outright, what they mean in the mind of the author.

WannaB Writer profile image

WannaB Writer 4 years ago from Templeton, CA Author

icountthetimes, Thank you for your kind words. I also like to know the story behind a poem, if there is one.

PenMePretty 4 years ago from Franklin

Great! Couldn't have said it better. Voted up!!!

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