Emotions- the Seed of Love

Emotions- the Seed of Love

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Paled in comparison

our logic leaves us short,

the emotions that define our kind,

are the answers we have sought.

For all of God’s creation

and this capacity we are blessed,

is more than human weakness,

often judged from men of less.

It is the centre of our potential,

the essence and core of love,

the purest of man’s intention

and the solution to strife on earth.

We worship our technologies,

the leisure that they bring,

but without the seeds of emotion,

a joyless life would bring.

The response to all our doubts and pleas,

comes not from physicality,

but takes our breathe without restraint,

and moves our hearts with love intake.

For emotions are not our Achilles heal,

but solutions to our potentials yield,

a world of joy and compassion implore,

to open hearts and love restore.

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