Empty Memories

Sarah MacLachlan/Blackbird

there's a look in your eyes

that tells a sad story

about a boy who grew up

in a world full of worry

what happened in that place

you once called your home

could it be that you spent

too much time all alone

was there anyone near

at the end of your day

didn't anyone ever listen

to what you had to say

was your mother too busy

did your father work late

were there feelings inside

it's you who they hate

what happened to that child

who was kept deep inside

the boy they never knew

you lived trying to hide

did you tell him goodbye

as you sent him away

hoping soon to forget

all about him one day

until time did pass on

the empty feeling was there

you think you're not worthy

to have someone to care

the pain left inside

has caused much regret

as you look for the child

you once tried to forget

it wasn't his fault

when he was denied

with love that was needed

but was never supplied

he tried so hard

to be more than just good

and everything that he did

was the best that he could

when you find him take time

and help him to learn

that love isn't something

you must try to earn

all children are special

no matter when good or bad

their hearts should be happy

not empty and sad

as adults we will live

what we learn from the past

if it's pain we are taught

the hurtful feelings may last

I do pray for the day

I will no longer see

a sad story in your eyes

for every childhood memory...

Lisa Patricoff 1990

Dedicated to my brother, Terry

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