Endless - Chapter 1

"NO!!!" I scream, sprinting towards the cross. I know I'm not supposed to be doing this, I have to stick to the plan, but I have to do this... have to do this... have to do this...

The young girl tied to the wooden stakes cranes her head down for a look, distinguishing my tone from the rest of the crowd's. I swear I see her mouth my name in utter surprise, then watch her completely dissapear in to a wall of flame.


I unplug myself from my power stand and sit up in bed, rubbing my eyes. A spark annoys my fingers, and I pull them away to see wet tears on my fingertips. I'm not sure what that dream was all about, but I definitely don't remember anything about it. Just the pain... this unbearable pain, so much so that you want to curl up in to the darkest recesses of hell and cry yourself in to an unwaking sleep. Shaking my head of the thoughts, I crawl out of bed and wrap my head-charger around my nightstand. I pause momentarily, remembering when I became acquainted with the idea of a simple nightly charging cord keeping me alive.

"Xavier, you must plug yourself in at night. Your body is highly unstable and will Power Down at any given moment if you forget to charge." I clearly recall that fiasco nowadays, whereas back then I had to be reminded to plug myself in every night before reposition.

I am Xavier Cadwell, musician and a Revive Squad member. The Revive Project is a group of souls who have been reawakened using a process called "Revival". Most of us are used as highly-trained assassins, although a few individuals have other jobs for the sake of the government's cover with this project. I am one such person. But none of us have our memories of the past.

We know nothing of who we were, if we had a family, when we lived, only our names. The majority of us look to be anywhere from 10 years old to 25, a decent age for the government to use to their advantage. People never expect a child to blow up a corrupted diplomat's palace, but then again, in this buisness, you come to expect the unexpected.

I know that today a new member is coming to join the team. I've been asked to attend, even though I would much rather play piano. I dress nicely and stop at the mirror to brush my teeth. I find myself musing back in the mirror, examining my appearance with a critical eye. My medium-length blond hair, choppy bangs and sea-green eyes are something the ladies I play for usually go crazy for.

"BBBBBBRING! BBBBBBBRING!" I jump a bit, startled at the sound of my telephone. I strut out of my personal bathroom and check the caller ID on the landline, seeing my bandmate's name appear on the dimly-lit scrolling list.

"No, I don't want to buy your pizza, jumprope, or your pet toad. The pizza is quite literally cardboard thin, the jumprope a moldy pool noodle, and your toad is a pet rock." I state rather blately, looking at my dresser, where those very possessions listed lay.

"XAVIER!" You NEVER let me have ANY FUN!" I'm reassured I got the right individual by my friend Drew's voice. I chuckle, unable to help myself. She always tries to wake me up in the morning with a call asking me to buy some crazy product in a ridiculous accent. Yesterday was the Mexican toad, which turned out to be little more than a colorfully adorned pet rock. I have to give her credit for coming up with these all the time though. My creativity only goes so far.

"So what's the occasion? You're 37 seconds late in your call."

"I got some insider information on the person being Revived later this morning!" I perch on my dresser, shoving her telemarketer gifts aside.

"Do tell." I reply in an instant, perking up.

"It's a female, about two years younger than us. Rumour has it she gets to choose her own career." I sigh as my unspoken reply. Life is honestly so unfair sometimes. "And here's the catch -- she's supposed to be mute."

"What!?" I nearly fall off the giant box of wooden drawers in utter shock. "There has to be a catch to the catch! What is it?"

"The mole has yet to announce that. Whatever it is, I don't like the idea of having a mute, innocent, helpless girl on the front lines. I'll be at your dorm in five."

"And where exactly are we headed?"

"To speak with the Society of the Risen."


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