Endless Genuflections Of Grief.

Genuflections Of Grief.

In the tears
that are spilt,
from the eyes
of a dying soldier,
shimmer the reflections
of home, Mom, and God.
Bloodstained by thier
sacrifice for others,
what flows across
thier trembling cheeks
is holy water of
the highest order.




All In A Blink And A Sigh.

Will dying be
like a firefly,
chased from the
eager grip
of childhood,
blinking away
across vast
darkening horizons,
till I'm captured
by the jar of death
and my light
is no more.













I recieved a ticket to sorrow,

and 3O pieces of silver,

when I pawned your heart.

My most precious commodity

abandoned with me when you

became heartless and left me.

Now my empty soul hangs

between my own lonely limbs.





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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

I'm the first to comment on many of your hubs today. I think I'm sorry for that. Maybe it's good for me. I can reflect inward about all that I blessed with-alone. It's nice and sad too- for me. There's some beauty in reflecting in your poems even though they tug my heart occasionally. Thanks

cosette 6 years ago

i love these, and at the same time i feel like i stumbled upon your private journals and am reading them in the dark, hoping you won't catch me reading them. stunning, really. rating them all UP

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