Endless Renewals.

Endless renewals



Whether cloudy or clear
sunsets occur
365 dusks a years ,
in a myraid of colors
that astound
all our senses ,
with most never captured
by camera's lenses,
or artisitic brushes
slippng ever so quietly,
over painted horizons
that many would
never dare
venture beyond.
But just past
the dreamscapes of
all earthbound souls,
there comes a
dawn breaking
its sunrise again,
with 365 visions of them
730 panorama's all told
as they slowly unfold
in kaleidoscopes 
each one most vivid and bold,
but all of these
often just go by
their bright
mingled palettes
cannot hope to
hold us,
in all of
our rushing
to face
the long days
or our finishing tasks
before we
go to bed,
never taking the time
to just look high overhead

But there are some

still out there

a few chosen folks,

who stop to gaze upward

at such heavenly strokes,

 who pause from

the things life

appoints them to do,

to savor the heavens

most glorious views,

There they'll stand

faces grinning

at  God's beauty

that's shown

in each day's

fresh beginning

or its closures well known

bringing colors that blend

so pastel at day's end

till they all disappear

as the nightime draws near.

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