Enjoy the Little Things

Enjoy The Little Things

The fat cat saw the rat.

As he held in a sneeze,
The rat ate a crumb,
And when he was done,
He went for a slice of cheese!

The fat cat fin’ly spat.

He blew snot all about.
The rat was so scared,
He left the cheese there,
As he looked for a way out!

He passed fast the cat, at last.

But soon hit a dead end,
“The cat’s almost here!”
The rat cried in fear.
How he wished he had some friends!

The cat sat by the rat,

Who then closed his big eyes,
Waiting to be lunch.
The rat had a hunch,
When up,up, up he did rise.

The rat sat on the cat,

Who offered him the cheese.
“Chin up” said the cat,
“I’d never eat a rat.”
Wow, what a day to seize!

The rat hat asks the cat,

“Why was I just freed?”
“My mom used to say,
To get through the day,
We must enjoy the little things!”


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DStettler profile image

DStettler 6 years ago

Sometimes i feel like that rat, lucky for me the cat is kind.

KewlWriter profile image

KewlWriter 6 years ago from United States

I feel like I am watching "that" episode of Garfield again. Thanks for sharing really puts things in perspective in a rather funny way.

jdflom profile image

jdflom 6 years ago from Sacramento, CA Author

KewlWriter: Thanks for the response, glad you enjoyed it!

Red Heron profile image

Red Heron 6 years ago from Unity, Maine, USA

Hah hah, this really struck to my liking, especially the little twist at the end. Now I want to go get a pet rat, then again, they don't let rats into my dorm, gosh darn it! Great job. :)

LeeLeePortCity profile image

LeeLeePortCity 5 years ago from Wilmington

reminds me of a fable...love the ending and the quirky characters

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