Entheos .V. Satano

ENTHEOS .V. Satano

fear me...Fear me....Fear Me....FEAR ME....FEAR ME!....FEAR ME!!!....FEAR ME!!!

B*tch I know ya--- Fear Me!

Rally up all your demons

I'll call upon the power that I know

You know that we’re inevitable

"Lucifer- a- Mano"


(What up Luci?

Step up or stand down!!!)

“Who am I?!”


I am "God within"-

Defining faith, defying sin

“Remember me?”

I am Hoi Eudaimwn-

Devil meet "The Bless-ed One"

I was born to win

I lost it all to sin

You killed me once

(.....BUT I'M BACK AGAIN!!!)

My birth name is Daniel, got my imperfections

I'm taming my lions- killin' your insurrection

I've swallowed the brunt of all of your blows

It's a shame for you that my soul only grows

I've bled my blood- shed my tears- still face demons- kill those fears

I know that you fear me

‘Cause you know i don’t fear you

You shake in your scales

‘Cause you know that I know you

You think you're so clever that so many are fooled

That they think you give wealth- that you help them win

I know you coward leviathan, Wrapped up in sheep's skin

Ain't it true that you fear the one that you're near?

I still wear scars from Hell- from when you appeared.

B*tch! You think I don't know?!

I know what you are inside

I know how you think

I know how you look

I know what you fear

I know where you hide

The clock just struck midnight

-yeah, I'm gonna just say it...

"Satan's a b*tch coward. His only power is Pride!"

Respect- "Motha F*cka you a scrappy rascal

"But ya poked the bear, now I'mma be your biggest hassle"

(........Know thyself)

Dude, it’s time that we

Handled this dichotomy

If I stoop to speak to you

I'm not talking jive analogy

You outta know by now

That I’ve got no ambiguity

I am wedded to Omnipotence,

And not open to polygamy.

So I’m speaking for Infinity

Life expectancy eternity

Luci, you are an atrocity

I will be your catastrophe

You’re concerned with my immensity,

You’re alarmed by my intensity,

And you WEAR the fear of my voracity

Fear me- up in your sh*t

Face me now!!!

...Or quit f*ckin' harrassin' me

You maintain your reign by hiding, twisting Biology

When, truth be told, you're a douche bag for Colostomy

So go f*ck your psychology

You can suck my anatomy

You know that I can call the power out 'a' me

You know that I'm inspired with Divinity

And today I'll make Jehovah proud 'a’ me

(Who ya think you’re dealin’ with?!)


fear me...Fear me....Fear Me....FEAR ME....FEAR ME!....FEAR ME!!!....FEAR ME!!!

B*tch I know ya--- Fear Me!

Rally up all your demons

I'll call upon the power that I know

You know that we’re inevitable

"Lucifer- a- Mano"


I am stable like the Pisa Tower

I'm splurging on this feast of power

Time and space do not apply to me

But this is my motha f*ckin’ hour

Pride is sin- but still my head is gettin' bigger

But Holy pride- So see my finger on this trigger

Nah, f*ck the bullet

You aint a man

You aint alive

You don’t feel pain

You’ll never die

.....Why do i try?


LOL- you G** D***** b*tch!!!

Rot in Hell- shiiit!- you wish

This is why you fear me- I know

I know what you fear- and I'll show

You thought you could own me

Well, looks like you were wrong

God gives me my strength

But your dumb-ass made me strong

I’m sh*ttin’ on your reign of terror

Every single breath I’m given

I'm impervious to your attacks

Proven by this life I'm livin'

I’ll show you where compassion dies

I’ll shame your name, expose your lies

I am no longer hidden within The Lord's quiver

You took me down once, but this time I'M the giver

Now bow your ass DOWN....

To the Power that I will deliver!

Nah- f*ck that too- FAITH!- You get my blade!

Off at the elbows

Off at the thighs

Out with your tongue

I’m fed up with your lies

Tear out your eyeballs

Let them hang just like MY balls

Grace in my heart but I'm seeing black

Black on the bedspread

Black on the walls

Black on the ceiling

Black in my hair

You put me through Hell

Now your black sprays everywhere!!!

But to give respect where respect isn't due

I’ll drown you in a sea of sulphur to limit your humility

You mad bro? F*ck you!

This is no analogy…

(….It will be our reality!!!)


fear me...Fear me....Fear Me....FEAR ME....FEAR ME!....FEAR ME!!!....FEAR ME!!!

Bitch I know ya--- Fear Me!

Rally up all your demons

I'll call upon the power that I know

You know that we’re inevitable

"Lucifer- a- Mano"


You scream "you fool, I am Impossible"

I scream "you're a bitch!"

You bellow "You're a sinner!"

I bellow back "We're fine!"

You screech "Human, you've lost your mind!"

I scream back "I'm not only crazy, I'm just as Evil as you!"

You hiss out "I’m a f*ckin’ Deity!"

"Then why be so concerned with ME?!"

You stutter "b-boy, I am unbeatable"

My response comes in crescendo....

"You know that we’re inevitable.....(This will be unforgettable!")

You're the incumbent hellion

B*tch, I'm your Machiavellian

You know I'll open their eyes

So your knees turn to gelatin

Right now!! I'm callin' you out!!!

You fear me- just own it

Your time's up gallivanting

You're fo' sho' me-aphobic

I have more power than you

Nervously laugh but you know it

Im'ma f*ck up your image

Like a slash by Modano

Little Devil's are Satanists

I am Daniel Christiano

BACK from the lions' den- I’m raisin' the curtain

…It's time we started this show

...It's what they've been waiting for

This is what they all wanna see....

**Entheos .V. Sa-ta-no**

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