Enthralled - 2012


Written February 10, 2012

Wrap your arms around me

Let me feel your strength

While my hands roam free

Along your body's length

Hold me close to your flame

Let me feel your skin on mine

Hear me shout your name

As our bodies entwine

Drink from my lips

Let me taste your love

As my body grips

you like a velvet glove

Push me over the edge

Let me soar beside you

I make you this pledge

I'll make you soar too

Lay your head upon my chest

Let me soothe your mind

Pillowed on my breast

no unrest will you find

Wake with me beside you

Let me look into your eyes

As I make you soar anew

Glorying in your tortured cries

© Lilliana Louis Delanor 2012

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fjohn profile image

fjohn 4 years ago from india

very good poem with lot of "hot buttons". well written.

Lilliana Delanor profile image

Lilliana Delanor 5 years ago from Michigan, USA Author

*laughs* Indeed ;)

Cre8tor profile image

Cre8tor 5 years ago from Ohio

They don't have a "hot" button so, awesome it is.

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