Entwined hearts

I'd like to kiss you on the lips,

chase your smile with my tongue,

hold you firmly by the hips,

clasp you close where you belong.

I'd smell the sweet perfume in your hair,

your soft tender skin pleasant to touch,

the feeling's mutual we begin to share,

unspoken words mean so much.

Hands clasped in sentimental harmony,

passion unbridled climbs to misty highs,

pupils dilated remembering all we see,

while the sun shines through cloudy skies.

Love a swirling emotion conquers all,

cheeks aflame passions untold story,

butterflies in your tummy no longer small,

rose-petals in your crown of glory.

Hearts entwined love that never sleeps,

shared delights whispers of desire,

lust unbound the secrets that we keep,

every-time we meet sets my heart on fire.

Hands so soft meaningful caress,

smouldering embraces we can't forget,

eyes that smile cheekily undress,

we agree to feel and not regret.

Arms so tight together in a bind,

two hearts share one sacred place,

thoughts of love together we remind,

the only image I see is your face.

Hearts that ache is never over rated,

two units as one prove they are strong,

anguish creeps in when we're separated,

'cos we know together that we belong.

True love we'll keep and hold forever,

no storms will render us apart,

peace and joy we'll share endeavour,

as long as we reside in each-other’s heart.

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novicemuse profile image

novicemuse 5 years ago

I really enjoy the imagery in this poem as well as your writing style. It reminds me of a collaboration between older and newer forms of poetry with the elevated diction as well as the contemporary details.

Mark Psychedlic profile image

Mark Psychedlic 5 years ago from Birmingham UK Author

thankyou i do have lucid moments where i see the bigger picture

Ardie profile image

Ardie 5 years ago from Neverland

This is such a sweet poem! And the picture fits perfectly - which is why you chose it I'm sure. You are quite the writer Mark...a talent that was hidden among the masses. I'm glad I found you!

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