Erebus to Hades

On a voyage into your soul

Plagued with insecurities

Doubts cloud your vision

Fear strangles your heart

Danger dances along with your

Every step

Narrow is the passage from

Life to death

Crossing the threshold of poverty

Into the opening arms of despair

On a voyage into your soul

Laid open are the wounds of

Oppression, stripped away is

Dignity and your tears are

Bitter as acid rain

The voyage into your soul

Holds no secrets only truths

To be told there is no

Place for lies or deceit

You can't hide from yourself

Voyage into your soul

Where self-incrimination and guilt lie dormant

Waiting for self revelation or resurrection

No longer is denial thwarted

Welcome is acceptance to the

Voyage into your soul

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XTASIS profile image

XTASIS 7 years ago from The Beginning

The voyage into your soul

Holds no secrets only truths

So true ! cheers !

ek ellis profile image

ek ellis 7 years ago Author

Cheers to you for your comment :)

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