A Glimpse of Heaven

Heavenly moments....

"A Glimpse of Heaven"

Just a glimpse of Heaven
Is all I see
Jesus and the angels 
welcoming me

Just a glimpse of Heaven
I see the throne room
God is there 
His light is so bright

No need for sun in Heaven
God lights up the sky
The beauty overwhelming 
Words cannot describe

Just a glimpse of Heaven
Joy in all I see
The children playing with Jesus
I see His scars, His hands, His feet...

Just a glimpse of Heaven
He's prepared for us
Our home, mansions
Full, safe, perfect love

Just a glimpse of Heaven
On my knees in awe
The alpha and the omega
He is our all in all

I see the ones I lost
I see some that I know
I ask them, I listen
I tell them I missed them so

Just a glimpse of Heaven
Overcome with love
So much love, All I can say, 
Is we all need just a glimpse of Heaven
every single day....

Today is not so bad
Troubles seem so dull
Can't compare with 
Just a glimpse of Heaven

When my day is rough,
When I'm feeling blue
God's beauty and love surrounds me
Even here, All I need to do is draw near...

Here is here for me, He's here for you too
I thank Him for joy
I thank Him for His peace
I thank Him for... Just a glimpse of Heaven.

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