Eternally Bound

I know in my heart that true love exists.

I can feel it, but I also need it in return.

You may be the love of my life, but

It isn't much If I am not yours.

You have me completely

Something I could never believe would happen

I abide by your rules

You have everything

One squeeze of my heart and I crumble

Giving up everything I am and who I want to be

Just to be yours

I will drop everything

I have bowed down

I gave it all up

Stripped everything of who I am

You are everything to me

I let myself become consumed by the flame

I let you take over

I waved goodbye

to the girl I use to know

The one full of life and promise

The one with the strength to be anything she wanted

I would never ask for the same

Because I fell in love with you

I love who you are

faults and all

Even when you drag me down

Even when you break me

You torture my heart

but you torture it sweetly

Pain and love combined into one

I want to be everything you want

I want to get rid of the disappointments

evaluate me and tell me I am perfect

Tell me you love me no matter what

That you can give your heart

as I gave mine

two completely different people

yet so much the same

together as one

pick me over any temptation

pick me over it all

I may not be perfect but my love is endless

It will always last

Be my strength

because I have lost it all

guide me in the right direction

because without you I am lost

Don't take me for granted

I am more than I appear

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Scarface1300 profile image

Scarface1300 2 years ago

Very sentimental piece, flows well and kept me interested all the way. A lovely write. Thanks for sharing

chrissie123 profile image

chrissie123 23 months ago Author

Thank you for reading. I am so glad you enjoyed it.

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