Eulogies Not Yet Spent.

Eulogies Not Yet spent.

Eulogies unspent await those

who have not yet grieved,
with just a sudden act of fate,

an errant twist of a steering wheel,
the wrench of a weak heart,

the warped whim of a madman realized,
or any number of other ways

to be withdrawn from life itself.

Then words will be expended,

flowing from the wearied soul,
of a teller who never banked on,

their dear loved one cashing out,
as what they value most is

deposited in a closed account.

Then eulogies will become

legal tender, soft treasured words uttered
over the long rectangular square

required when one is bereft,
of all that they once thought worthy,

now boxed up for closure.

Words we will never get to hear

spoken over our silent flesh,

no chance for a rebuttal or thanks

just tear filled mumbled utterances

of despair made into poetic farewells.




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poetlorraine 7 years ago

is it really that bad?

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